Accounts , HR & payroll Software

Accounts , HR & payroll Software

Easy to Use

Business owners can learn to use our accounting software or payroll software in minutes! No formal training is required. However, if needed, our free UAE-based support is just a phone call away (toll-free).

Safe, Secure, and Accurate

Our servers are in a secure data center protected by redundant firewalls and sophisticated encryption techniques. We are tested, audited, and bonded, and we guarantee our accuracy for our accounting and payroll calculations.

Very Inexpensive!

Our accounting and payroll software is priced for the smallest of small businesses. There are no hidden fees. No long-term contracts. No penalties. No hassles.

Core accounting software functionality

Accounts payableHelps you keep a track of the amount that a company owes to its suppliers and creditors.
Accounts receivableKeeps a tab on the money that others owe to your company for the goods or services offered.
Analysis and trackingAllows you to evaluate, report, and analyze financial activities to help you keep track.
Cash management and expensesReconciles bank statements, check, and credit card transactions to help you track your finances.
Job managementAids management of work performed on a particular project and prevents lost billable hours.
IntegrationIntegrates with various third-party apps and facilitates data synchronization with other solutions in your company's software stack.
PayrollTracks and helps in payroll process for employees. You can print checks, calculate tax, and get tax reports.
Permissions and securityEnsures protection against common risks for critical and confidential financial data. Also allows you to control access to information for users.